consistency is key

Fatima Bhatti
3 min readFeb 21, 2021


The first rookie mistake people do after getting a few bucks to open up a business, is to open up the business, and a big one. I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me. A few direct and numerous indirect experiences have taught me more than most people in this regard.

People tend to invest everything, every saving, every penny they have into the business they start and it ends up exploding in their faces. Then they sit back and realise that maybe they didn’t expend enough into the business, oh if only they had more money, more finances.

No! That is absolutely not what you should focus on.

When you want to build a house for example, you don’t just construct it all in one day. You have to get the blueprints first, lay the foundations, put it into place brick by brick.

It takes time, energy and patience, your blood, sweat and tears.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can your business. And it certainly won’t succeed in one.

Starting small is essential. Take one step at a time. Even if your goals are big, your hopes enormous and dreams magical, always start small. Develop a foothold. Secure your place in this world. Only then will you be actually able to move forward and attain what you want.

Small businesses drive the economy of every nation, but that should not be mistaken to mean that all of them meet success. No one is successful on the first try. No matter how much money or effort you put in.

That is the purpose of life; to knock us down every time, watch us get up and fight, repeat the cycle until we finally have what we deserve.

The main key to success is consistency; knowing exactly what you want from life and doing everything in your power to have it. If you stop fighting, you lose. If you stand down, you lose.

Being consistent allows you to establish awareness, build trust and deliver your services efficiently, effectively and profitably. Without it, your business is more likely to fail.

There are days when you’ll feel as if the world is ending, but it’s actually not and all you have to do is stand on your feet and let life know you’re not backing down, you’re not giving up.

I know it’s easy to say all these things and very difficult to actually do them, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

Most people lose their will after a couple months, but what they don’t understand is that for any business to work and for it to be successful, there’s nothing that can help you more than being consistent.

Some businesses even take years before they earn any profit, but in the end if you work hard and smart, you will be victorious.



Fatima Bhatti